office containers

  • Office containers are well insulated: cool in summer, warm in winter. They are equipped with a complete electrical installation (lighting, sockets, heating), air conditioning and window frames with external roller shutters.
  • It is possible to equip the container with additional windows and furniture.
  • The cost of transport is to be agreed individually.
  • Office container ideally suited for an office, a room for a construction manager, a temporary company headquarters during renovation or construction.
  • The price of office containers depends on the size and additional equipment. 20ft, 40ft and others



As a manufacturer , we produce durable and impermeable office containers for the entire UK. As a national constructor of office containers, we are able to provide you with an outstanding service. We are distinguished by a low price, fast responsiveness, and a comprehensive approach. We produce modern office containers , and we also offer components such as air conditioning or additional windows. Our normal offer includes a modern container as well as electrical installation and heating. In addition, we include the ability to configure the color of steel sheets, as well as walls and doors! Transport is cheap and additionally payable, and the price is agreed by phone. Modern office containers are constructed in any size: 40ft, 20ft and others.

producer office containers


Our company is one of the most important national providers of modern office containers for the whole of Great Britain. Very extensive experience allows the group to boast of a strong and appreciated brand. From the very beginning, we focus on acquiring, as well as the best possible contacts with the best specialists – which results in one of the best services for all-year-round office containers . The speed of service and execution of the order is very important to us. From the beginning, we try to improve all parts of our work so that nothing delay the delivery of office containers. The offer includes both the construction of a container, but also inexpensive transport! Therefore, we offer comprehensive assistance in choosing the right container. Our qualified and experienced team will guarantee you satisfaction with the choice of our services! The low fee for an office container comes from massive sales and years of production methods!

modern office containers


Office containers that we offer are made of high-quality sheet metal. We implement polystyrene or polyurethane wall panels and steel structures. An individual office container outside is impregnated and painted in the selected color. The insulated containers we manufacture are used by construction companies, as porter’s lodges or as a temporary office.

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United Kingdom office containers

What are your office containers characterized by?

They are modern and all-year-round. The containers look very good visually, are well insulated, contain a complete electrical installation (lighting, sockets, heating), air conditioning and window joinery with blinds.

What can an office container be equipped with?

You can increase the size, add a frame, additional windows, doors (glass, double, sheet metal). In addition, you can buy bathroom accessories (toilet, washbasin, sink cabinet, battery, battery water heater, plumbing, electrical installation and shower).

How is an office container heated?

It is heated with electric heaters and an air conditioner.